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Modern Architecture

About Us

Modeling the Future!

Dynamik4 was originally founded in Brazil back in 2017 by Sebastiao Lima Neto and Caroline Ribeiro Roquim to supply the high demand in the AEC[1] industry for qualified BIM[2] services across multiple countries. The company rapidly evolved to become one of the largest BIM companies in Brazil in less than 5 years.


The idea behind the name Dynamik4 was intrinsically associated with their vision to create a business that was dynamic enough to adapt itself to the challenges the industry was facing while functioning as extent of multiple different organization without disrupting their operations, but instead, as an extension of their teams. 

The company’s mission is to optimize and automate processes, and our objective is to become one of the main BIM references while supplying the industry across multiple countries.


[1] Architecture, Engineering, and Construction.

[2] Building Information Modeling

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